Children's House Tuition

Preschool children and their families may choose the schedule that is best for them.  We recommend your child attend Children's House at least twice per week.  Tuition is dependent upon the days per week scheduled.

Two half-days per week - $65 /month       Two full days per week - $110 /month

Three half-days per week - $97.50 /month    Three full days per week - $165 /month

Four half-days per week - $135 /month         Four full days per week - $220 /month

Five half-days per week - $167.50 /month    Five full days per week - $275 /month

Childcare Assistance is accepted.

Scholarships are available.

Kindergarten Children are required to enroll five full days per week.

Tuition for kindergarten is $2350 per year plus a $75 textbook fee.

Scholarships are available.