Giving Day
Last day of school
David and Diane Hennen's 55th Anniversary
Labor Day- No School
Brittney Jo Fox- in memory
Guardian Angel Lunch
8th Grade Graduation
DeSmet SD fieldtrip 3-5th grades
Family Education Day
Staff Meeting
Sue Pohlen- in honor
Charlene Callens- in memory
Ordination of Tanner Thooft and Joshua Bot
St. Edward the Confessor Feast Day!
May Crowning
Bramble Park Zoo-fieldtrip
Phillip Hirmer
NWEA - 5 & 6 Science
Living Rosary
Bernie Moorse- in honor
St. Edward School Fun Fest
Jim DeCock- In honor
Totos Tuus
Gloria Wambeke Lanners
Joseph Wambeke Family
Kay Rabaey-in memory
Staff Meeting
David Longtin-in memory
Ryan Vlaminck's Birthday
Spring Concert
Summer Care Begins
Lillian DeCock
Alphonse, Ann and Agnes Girard and Baby Sturm
Eric Hennen- in memory
Blackout Day
End of 4th quarter
Teacher Appreciation Week
Bernice Flemming- in memory
Harry Buysse Family-in memory
Preschool begins
Riley Sorensen- in memory
Sylvester Sanow- in memory
Mary Sterzinger-special intention
Larry Sterzinger-special intention
Hank and Arlene Jerzak-in memory
Doug and Jeannette Konold-in memory
Irene Winters- In memory
NWEA - 5 & 6 Language Usage
Beth Hoffman-in memory
Dale and Janelle Verschelde and Family
Chippewa Historical fieldtrip-1/2 grades
Liturgy of the Hours
School begins 1-8th grades
Jeanette Konold- in memory on her birthday.
Nellie Meger- in memory
Mike and Dawn Vlaminck's Anniversary
John and Jennifer Rabaey and Family
Richard Buysse- in memory
Etien Laleman- In honor
8th grade photos @ church
Awards Ceremony
Alouis Vlaminck- in memory
Kindergarten begins
Pizza Party 5/6 grades
Library Day
Staff Meeting
Ice Cream Party 7/8
NWEA -- 7/8 Math
Ditch cleaning
Gene and Brenda Verschelde and Family
Tim and Alyssa Laleman Family
Foosball Tournament
David and Karen Verschelde and Family
Ben Pohlen- in honor
Etien and Marian Laleman- In honor
Fagen Museum field trip-Grades 7/8
Claren Novotny on her birthday
Piano Recital
Margaret Drietz in memory
Abigail Vlaminck's Birthday
Brad and Barb Hennen Family
Jane Afdem- in memory
Field Day
Paul Rehkamp- in honor
Lillian and Henry Decock
Francis and Grace Rabaey-anniversary
Dawn Vlaminck's Birthday
Lillian Sanow- in memory
Birthday Lunch
Birthday Lunch
State of the School
Education Committee Meeting