COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has created for us an ever changing reality of best practices.  St. Edward School COVID-19 task force members and the principal keep abreast of new recommendations from the CDC, MDH and others.  The task force will continue to meet as necessary.  Recommendations are evaluated and implemented as necessary.


The principal communicates these changes to staff, students, family members and the larger community as needed via staff meetings, the weekly parent letter, the church bulletin, on the school web-site and any other media that is deemed necessary.


We thank the community for its support of our efforts during these unprecedented times!  

The final months of the 2019-2020 school year presented new experiences for students, teachers, and parents that we were able to learn so much from.  We learned that Catholic schools are adaptable, that students and teachers are more resilient than ever, and that collectively, the Domestic Church is alive and well.  


We also learned that a meaningful Catholic education, especially for our youngest learners, is less effective when physically separated from their peers and teachers.  At the heart of Catholic Schools is relationship and community - relationships with Jesus Christ, classmates, and teachers.  Those relationships blossom and develop most profoundly when our community members can interact, learn, and pray together.  Collectively, we believe that fundamental connectedness can and will happen in a safe and nurturing way this Fall.  This does not suggest a complete ‘return to normalcy’. We acknowledge that local realities and situations may require schools to temporarily close or provide a hybrid structure based on local realities and situations, but it is our hope that Catholic schools in Minnesota may retain the community structure at the heart of Catholic education. 


In a true collaborative effort, Catholic school leaders from across Minnesota have developed this “Path for Students’ Return” to guide individual schools in their planning for Fall.  It is an understatement to say that each Catholic school across the state of Minnesota is different; the guidance herein is developed with the understanding that the application of the guidance will look different in each of our beautifully unique schools.  


The development of this guidance took into consideration the following publications and organizations:

  • “Leading with Hope” developed by the Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education 

  • Guide to Reopening Schools, Catholic Mutual Group

  • Considerations for Schools, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

  • Minnesota Catholic Conference

  • Minnesota Independent School Forum 

  • Minnesota Department of Health 

Though much uncertainty lies ahead, there are a few things we know for sure.  We are constantly reviewing our circumstances, reflecting on the health and well-being of our students and staff, and adapting to unforeseen changes.  This guidance and the development of individual school plans cannot guarantee the absence of COVID-19 cases in our community or buildings, this is a reality we understand.  The implementation of this guidance does allow schools to mitigate and God-willing, lessen the likelihood of exposure to our students, staff, and community.


Together, with Christ at the center, our schools will continue to be places of spiritual, academic, social, and emotional development for our students.